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  1. The study of the dispersion of airborne biological materials, as pollen, spores, microorganisms, or viruses.


  • Bosnian: aerobiologija
  • Croatian: aerobiologija
  • French: aérobiologie
  • Serbian:
    Cyrillic: аеробиологија
    Roman: aerobiologija

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Aerobiology is a branch of biology that studies organic particles, such as bacteria, fungal spores, very small insects and pollen, which are passively transported by the air (Spieksma, 1991). One of the main fields of aerobiology has traditionally been to measure and report quantities of airborne pollen as a service to allergy sufferers (Larsson, 1993).
In 2002, algae and other small water-borne organisms were discovered to inhabit clouds. A large cloud has about as much water as a shallow lake of the same geographic size.
An important medical application of aerobiology is the study of the transmission of airborne diseases. It is known that many bacteria and viruses can be transmitted by spread through the air, possibly within droplets. In addition, transmitted in this manner, and therefore this field is of interest in that application.
Aerobiology is a rapidly developing science, which also involves interactions with engineering and meteorology.


  • Larsson, K. A. (1993) Prediction of the pollen season with a cumulated activity method., Grana, 32, 111-114.
  • Spieksma, F. T. (1991) Aerobiology in the Nineties: Aerobiology and pollinosis, International Aerobiology Newsletter, 34, 1-5.

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